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I had read Rand Flem-ath’s earlier work, the material presented on the Internet from his book “When the Sky Fell” and it got me thinking.  I had always been interested in ancient cultures, and considered myself a bit of an ancient history “buff”, but the material I read from Rand challenged all I had known.  I determined to check into the facts surrounding crust displacement and polar shift.  I came to the growing conclusion that it was a hypothesis that would stand the test of time, and eventually become accepted as fact.  I then read Rand Flem-Ath and Collin Wilson’s book, The Atlantis Blueprint, and was captivated.  With the Atlantis Blueprint, many of the pieces fell into place.   I did have a problem, however, with Rand’s explanation of the mechanics of crust displacement.  After stewing on this for a while, I decided to write down my thoughts and email them to Rand.

What follows is an edited email dialog between Rand and myself:


I just finished your latest book, The Atlantis Blueprint.  I think it was very well done and I congratulate you on creating a nice mix of mystery and academic rigor.  I have no doubt that you are on to something big, and your research stands strong in light of all the other sources I've read.

When you describe the mechanism for the Earth's crust displacement, you seem to put confidence in the inner core dynamics theory of the mantle shift.  You go on to talk about the Earth's magnetic field somehow being regenerated by the process, but then, it seems to me, you miss a vital point.  Perhaps it is not the disruptions of the Earth's core that cause fluctuations in the Earth's magnetic field, but rather disruptions of the Earth's magnetic field cause fluctuations in the Earth's core.

Let me digress.  I'm a computer professional and inventor, and I work with electromagnetic devices daily.  A problem with an electromagnet is once a magnetically permeable material or alternate polarity magnetic field passes through the generated electromagnetic field, electric current is generated in the magnetic material, and/or the magnetic field generators get hotter through the resistance of the inducted current in the coils.  The more 'work' performed by the electromagnet, the hotter it gets.  The more efficiently it performs its work, the hotter still it becomes.  This is a gross over simplification, but I think you get my point.  If the Earth's magnetic field received such a tremendous distortion of its magnetic field, over a prolonged period of time, it would generate immense amounts of heat within the Earth's core as the Earth 'spun' through the force that was causing the magnetic field disruption.  The only force that can collapse the Earth's magnetic field is the Sun‘s magnetic field.

A blast of energy was emitted that was strong enough to collapse the Earth's magnetic field on April 11th and 12th of 2001.  Luckily, these missed us.  As you know, the sun goes though eleven-year cycles, and these cycles correspond to the Mayan calendar.  Every eleven years, as the sun flips its magnetic field, it winds up the 'big' magnetic field within the Sun.  Some say that every eleven years, the repercussions of the Sun Field Flip are stronger, with this year being the biggest display of solar activity ever in recorded history (albeit a small recorded history ;-)  ).  From what I understand, the Mayan calendar says this age will end in the year 2012, which is a Sun Magnetic Field Flip solar cycle year.

In your book you mention a clue.  You say a Peruvian myth of the flood says it began when the sun looked as if it had two faces, or in my translation, cut in half.  Imagine a polarity reversal that was so strong it created a rift of magnetic field differential that stretched across the face of the Sun, fully aligned with the Earth (a sun spot river that streamed across the Sun, if you'd like another metaphor).  Then, as the Sun unleashes wave after wave of cataclysmic solar flares that wash across the Earth, the Earth's field collapses totally, for days . . . or weeks . . . or more.  The ozone is briefly destroyed and the Earth's core begins to heat up fast.  This, in turn, can cause variations in the core rotational velocity. If this all happens when the Earth is in the proper 'balance', in my opinion, it can cause the mantle shift you describe.  Not only could it cause the mantle shift, but it could also cause increased volcanism, dramatic tectonic activity, rapid but short lived world wide ambient air temperature increases, and subsequent ice cap reduction (compounded on top of ice melting because of it's new location due to crust shift and you get big time, fast acting, but short lived flood).  Forty days of flood sounds about right . . . "

- Jared Freedman

Rand replied with some questions:

"My problem is simply this: the 41,000 year tilt cycle seems to coincide with climatic change and it would seem unlikely that the Sun's magnetic flares would somehow connect with the tilt cycle.  Of course, it may turn out that the relationship between the tilt and climatic change will not hold up and if so then your theory certainly is a good explanation.

Since I'm not investigating this problem right now I can only suggest that putting it up on my web site might bring others into the discussion. "

- Rand Flem-Ath

Upon which I replied with some answers and an offer:

"Actually, even if there is a proven relationship between tilt and climatic change, in my current hypothesis, the Sun flaring WOULD cause dramatic climatic changes as the Earth's core would heat up.  A big test . . . does increased volcanism occur during pole shift?  If the answer is yes (and my intuition tells me it is), then that would explain the climate change.  Basically, as the core heats up due to magnetic induction, it causes increasing turbulence within the magma.  The same causes for the crust/mantle slip would also cause increased volcanic activity and or earthquake activity.  Depending upon what was released by that volcanic activity (ash = colder / gasses = hotter) the climate would be dramatically impacted.  As you know, Atlantis myth is steeped with legends of volcanic activity.  I believe that research can address this question with a reasonable degree of certainty, and I am already pursuing this line of thought.  

- Jared Freedman

After much research, I wrote this article to present my ideas, and I hope you, the educated reader, will join in the discussion.  The following sections take you through a journey that includes many areas of science, some of which might be unfamiliar. A brief primer is presented in this next section, and should provide the background information necessary to judge the hypothesis.   On to the Primer -->




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