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From: Karen White <>
Wed, 23 Jan 2002 20:31:19 +1100
"The sky is falling" cried chicken little.  

All of you people keep promising me disasters of horrible proportions, I am stocked up and ready to escape and what happens? Nothing.  When, that is all I ask. When??? is it too much to ask?

Luvs ya,   Karen


Jared's Reply


I don't know when, it could be thousands (or millions) of years. I know what others have said, and you get anything from tomorrow, to 2003, 2011, 2012, 2020, etc. 

I'm not trying to be chicken little, I'm not promising disasters of horrible proportions, in your lifetime anyway. I'm just trying to get people to either confirm, correct, or disprove my hypothesis. I do believe that there has been massive and cataclysmic upheavals in the past, extinction level events. . . and it seems more to me I have discovered 'a' mechanism, not 'the' mechanism. 

The nice part about the Solar Typhoon hypothesis, is that with the development of ever more advanced supercomputers and refinement of MHD, the day will come when a simulator can be written and the hypothesis tested. With a simulation would come the information of how big a solar typhoon would be required to cause ECD, and with the SOHO, we would get anywhere from 72 to 18 hours of notice of a potentially Earth changing solar event. Advanced solar analysis may give even more warning of such a solar event. Such computational power will be available within the next ten to fifteen years. Additionally, that same computational power could be used to try to predict, based on the most current and accurate measurements, which direction the crust would slip, and what would be the new 'center of gravity' for the Earth. With that information, you would have some idea of where to run. What good would being on a tall mountain be if that mountain migrated to the new polar circle? Flood or Frozen, both are bad.


From: Shane Steinman <>
Fri, 30 Nov 2001 07:59:50 -0500
Hi Jared, 

There were some provocative ideas in your Solar Typhoon hypothesis. At the moment, I'm tracking a number of phenomena (CMEs, volcanic and earthquake activity) and I'm fairly convinced that your proposed scenario may not be far from the truth. Not only that, it may be more imminent than most of us would prefer to believe. In days of war and other fantastic events (many of them literally astronomical in nature) it's easy to fear the worst and assume that "the end is nigh". However, that's not necessarily a reason to discount all ominous predictions. We're just on the cusp of a NEO (Near Earth Object) encounter with asteroid 1998WT24. And while projections indicate that this relatively small mass (1 to 2 km in diameter) will miss us by about 1.7 million km, I believe that's just too close for comfort. With little effort being paid to such space-borne hazards, it's inevitable that we'll pay a dear price for our ignorance, eventually. 

Now, I shouldn't be too harsh in my assessment. A few well-intentioned organizations have expended serious effort in trying to make plain the precarious nature of our position. Unfortunately, their pleas have fallen largely upon deaf ears, so I'm not getting my hopes up. In addition to the possible calamity of an Earth-grazing, hair-raising asteroidal experience, we are also facing the real possibility of geomagnetic polarity-reversal. Some would contend (the majority, I imagine) that this is such an unlikely event that it barely merits consideration. But, the evidence of geomagnetic field diffusion would seem to support an increased likelihood of such an occurrence. And given the massive CMEs we've seen this year, I wouldn't entirely discount the possibility that they could enhance the tendency of the Earth's field to "flip". Most of the "serious space sites" contend that the geomagnetic field of the Earth is a "weak force" and hardly something to be feared. Most say that GM progeny, like the Coriolis Effect, can only affect such phenomena as Hurricanes because the CE is so generalized; basically implying that it's incapable of exerting any other predominant effect. Well, they were obviously nowhere near South Dade, FL, when Andrew came ripping through. To these folks, I would hasten to mention that the molten core of the Earth can be expected to respond similarly to a polar shift. 

It would be extremely disconcerting, to say the least, if we had a gravitational asteroid "slingshot" event with a certain amount of debris, followed by a polarity reversal in the Earth. The latter would likely be heralded by increased lightning, volcanic and seismic activity. I'll be keeping an eye open, and I encourage others to do the same. Hysteria has only a short term effect, and a negative rebound afterward, but by gathering data and postulating plausible theory, perhaps we can gather the sustained momentum required to save us. 

Hmmm... think I'll take a break now. I feel an X-Class flare coming on. 

Holding on tight, Shane


From: "Andy and Marsha Allgood" <>
Tue, 3 Jul 2001 07:32:47 -0400
I just read your theories from Flem-ath's web-site after being tipped off to it on the  I have just recently read Rand's book myself.
I don't know if there is really enough evidence for the kind of slipping crust that you describe, but I'm sure people will start looking for it now.  So many people don't realize that "science" is comprised of such a large and complex establishment, and "looking" for evidence is such an expensive and involved task, there are an infinity of discoveries yet to be made; and they almost never find anything unless they look to prove or disprove a certain hypothesis.
Your solar typhoon theory is totally exceptable to me based on logic alone.  I am a native Arizonan, born in 1953, and I was there in the 1970s when the first "100 year flood event" hit the state filling all the Salt River reservoirs which had previously, since their construction, held all the seasonal floodwaters with no problem.  This heavy rain event caused the first releases of water into the Salt River through the Phoenix metropolitan area and wiped out all the crossings between the north side of the river, Phoenix and Scottsdale; and the south side, Tempe and Mesa; with the exception of the old two-lane Mill Avenue bridge constructed before statehood on a solid stone reef foundation.  This flood event also washed out a number of homes and businesses, which had been built during during the years since the flood plain had first become protected by the upstream dams.  After the flood, many of the structures in the flood plain were repaired or rebuilt, thinking the "100 year flood" would not happen again for a long time.  They were wrong and the same type of flood event has happened immediately following and several times since that first event.  Now people talk of "200 year floods" or even "500 year floods"  I witnessed one described that way in the Verde Valley in the 1990s.
The point I'm trying to make from this, is how complacent the human population is about natural disasters, and how we get lulled, quite easily, into believing they never happen or won't happen in our lifetime; yet there is always a stronger storm out there.  A bigger hurricane, a colder winter, a hotter summer, a bigger flood than any we have recorded.  It is only logical that a bigger solar storm is just a matter of time and the evidence is out there for disastrous changes to the earth when that happens.  The mainstream media has brought some awareness to the population about the possibilities of Comet or meteor impact; but we are almost oblivious, as a population, as to the effects the suns normal fluctuations could cause.
Can you imagine the disruption which could be caused by the depressing of the magnetosphere to the distance of our communication, weather and GPS satellites.  Our technolgy is heading towards almost total reliance on electricity and various energy waves which would be rendered useless by such a storm.  The crustal shift you hypothesize would be totally destructive, yet before that point is reached, or if your hypothesis on this is wrong and it is never reached, I do believe your warming of the core hypothesis is most likely correct.  This alone I expect would cause increased volcanic activity, melting of the ice caps and weather shifts of unthinkable scale and speed.
Very scary stuff, and very well presented.  I enjoyed reading it.
Andy Allgood


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