Solar Typhoons and Massive Earth Crust Displacement


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In a nutshell:  The sun has and will again produce a solar storm the likes of which isn't seen for thousands of years.  When this storm, or shall I say typhoon, occurs, it totally compresses the Earth's magnetosphere to the point where the lines of conductance actually touch the surface of the planet.  This has three main effects, the first is that all metal on the planet will start to induct a current, with large metal pieces or long wires inducting significant voltages.  The second effect is that the earths core, being most likely an iron/silicon alloy will induct enormous amounts of electrical current from the disruption of the magnetosphere though the blasting solar wind.  This extra induction will transfer into heat, which will cause the core to spin more rapidly and to perturb the mantle with shockwaves and turbulence.  Additionally, the heat will cause expansion, especially at the poles.  The third effects comes from the combination of the first two, and that is that the crust will separate from the mantle and while floating on a newly created 'lubrication layer', will allow the global mass imbalance that currently exists to try to rectify itself.  Of course this will be catastrophic for all living things on the planet.

For a full paper on the hypothesis, follow the Solar Typhoon Hypothesis link.

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