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Final Cornerstone:

When the Earth expands due to increased core temperature, seismic shock waves emanate from the increased mantle turbulence.  Increased heat coupled with the shock waves act as a jackhammer that breaks up the crystalline structure of the Moho.  The Moho turns semi-liquid, and acts as a lubricant for the rough underside of the crust, and the smooth semi-liquid of the mantle.  With the expanded poles, the shape of the Earth becomes more spherical, allowing the crust to slip due to gravitational forces, inertia, Earth wobble, and mass imbalance.  Once out of the "Solar Typhoon", the core will start to cool again through thermal displacement and through the creation of a stronger magnetosphere due to increased core rotation and energy.  The Earth’s crust will move around the mantle until the core cools enough to allow the polar expansion to subside and the Moho to revert to a crystalline state again.  This is the primary mechanism for massive crust displacement and displacement stopping.  As is most likely apparent, this would be violent and cataclysmic for all life forms on the planet due to earthquakes, volcanoes, climate shift, disrupted weather, floods, and famine.


Ancient man knew all of the information that I have described in this article.  They knew that there was no permanence, no stability, and no solid foundation for the Earth.  They knew that all they built would one day be swept away, as it had many times before.  Nevertheless, they wanted things to be different next time; they wanted us to be prepared.  So in the end, what do so many of these lost and forgotten monuments mean?  What message were they trying to convey?  In my opinion, beyond all the math, astronomy, and geophysics, the message is a simple one: “We were here before you, now we are not. Learn from us and remember, the same can and most likely will happen to you.” 


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